Persuasive Writing - Purpose and Writing Techniques

What is Persuasive Writing?

Writing Techniques
Persuasive writing is an interesting style of writing in the academic context. While writing an academic paper by using a persuasive writing style, we have to convince the readers that the specific opinions relevant to a topic are correct. If you want to write an academic paper by using this writing style, you will have to be well versed with word selection. The students have to form logical arguments. Moreover, they have to develop a strong and cohesive closing argument. To show the legitimacy of your point of view, you will have to use logic and reasons. The students have to expose clear arguments. After that, they have to support these arguments by providing convincing facts and reasons.

What is the Purpose of Persuasive Writing?

This kind of writing style is a wonderful way to express views about a specific subject. It is also the best way to encourage the students to take part in their interesting subjects. The students can also get an opportunity to do research relevant to their interesting subjects. When students will spend enough time doing research, they will show involvement in the classwork. When you will show engagement in persuasive writing, you can also improve some essential skills. According to experts of assignment writing service, in these skills, there come style, research skills, writing structure and formulating arguments etc. They also learn how to present their ideas in a well-structured and convincing manner. By using this powerful writing skill, the students can also believe in a cause. The students also learn how to present their points efficiently and effectively.

Persuasive Writing Techniques

If you want to become an influential writer, you will have to utilize some persuasive writing techniques. Here, we will discuss the best persuasive writing techniques that will provide help to the writers.

Pick an Interesting Topic

When you will select something which you believe, you can easily persuade the readers. In some cases, the professors will assign the topic to the students. Under such a situation, you will have to work on this topic. In most cases, the professors allow the students to pick their topics. Therefore, you should select something that will appeal to your sensibilities. You should select the best topic after doing research. You should try to select something which you can easily defend.

Know the Audience

If you are writing an academic paper by using a persuasive writing style, you will have to convince the readers. Before presenting the best ideas to convince the readers, you should know about them. For example, if you are writing a persuasive essay in a school or college, your professors will be your audience. Therefore, you should try to convince them. While thinking about the targeted audience, you should know their background knowledge. You can present the best ideas for the readers based on their knowledge.

Hook the Attention of the Readers

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To persuade the readers, the writers have to present their opinions. They should use declarative sentences to present their opinions. Here, you can state a fact or a research finding. You can also explicitly state evidence to support your argument. These things will provide clear views to the audience about the content of the essay. It is also the best way to state your position about the topic. After reading these opinions about the topic, they can make a decision either they have to read the whole essay or not. Therefore, you will have to hook the attention of the readers by using these opinions.

Research Both Sides

No doubt, there are two sides to a view. If you want to convince the readers, you should have enough idea about the two sides of the view. Some students just focus on one side of the view. That's why they can stick while presenting their arguments. If they know both sides of the view, they will never face this problem. It is also the best way to counter the opposition. In some cases, the readers may ask some questions. Its reason is that they have some doubts about your position. When they ask these questions, you can easily provide answers to these questions.

Be Empathetic

The use of empathy is also an impressive persuasive technique for the writers. When writers will use this technique, they can convince the readers that they are paying attention to their feelings and experiences. Here, we can't deny the importance of emotional appeal for the writers. It is the best way to appeal to the sensitivities of the audience. When writers will use this technique, they can also provide a logical explanation of their beliefs.

Ask Rhetorical Questions

To convince the readers about a specific point of view, you will have to provide relevant information to the readers. To convince the readers to support your point of view, you can ask rhetorical questions. If they support your point of view, they have to provide answers to these questions.

Emphasize Your Point

If you are using the emphasizing technique in your document, you can easily persuade the readers. Here, you can make use of the hyperbolic statements. By using these statements, you can easily convey an impactful image to the audience. For example, if you will have to persuade the readers not to go to a restaurant, you should bravely discuss their bad services.

Repeat Yourself

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While writing an academic paper by using a persuasive technique, you will have to use a strategic repetition technique. Research by dissertation proposal writing services shows that it is the best way to remind your message to the readers. You can use different techniques to do this. For example, you can do it by rephrasing the same point before the audience. In some cases, you can do it by repeating the true stories.


A form of writing technique in which you will have to present logical arguments about a topic with reasoning is persuasive writing. The main purpose of the persuasive writing technique is to convince the readers to present the ideas convincingly. By using this technique, you can convince the readers to believe in a cause. The writers can use this writing technique to improve their ability. You can use various writing techniques to convince the readers. First, you should pick a topic about which you are passionate. To provide the best ideas to the readers, you should research both sides of the topic. The writers should also try to emphasize their points of views.


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