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Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Top Techniques To Make Project Plan For Computer Science

Emma Charlotte
Project Plan For Computer Science
Planning is the necessary part of every day to day activity, we plan for our holidays, we plan for our exams, we plan for our career, we plan for cooking for guests, and we plan for shopping and simply saying we do planning in every task. Similarly for graduates and postgraduates projects proper planning is also required. This planning is not just a plan in your mind. In fact this plan is documented.

For computer science students project planning is a little bit difficult because computer science involves networking, programming languages, and coding. Planning a successful project comprises a few necessary steps like knowing and understanding the scope of the project, conducting a broad research, questioning, outlining, discussions, writing the project plan, executing and finally publishing. We will try to understand these steps involved in planning by considering the example of a programming project as shared by a coursework writing services firm.

In programming you have to relentlessly bring new ideas and about new programs. So if you are assigned with a project of planning the first step you have to do is to understand what you really want to create. You can do brainstorming to get ideas. Think about your favorite games, their characters and themes, your area of interest like arts, fashion or history, your favorite cartoon or movie character, and many more things that come up in your mind. Brainstorming will help you to combine different ideas and create a new thing. For example if your favorite character is batman and you like strategy and simulation kind of games then you may come up with the idea of creating a game where an emperor builds a city and hires batman to help him in saving the city from Joker.

So this idea is a combination of your favorite movie and game and targeting the audience including the lovers of batman movies. So after getting an idea about what you have to do, the next step is about doing research related to your idea. This research involves the information about resources and technology required like what programming languages you need libraries and environments required for making animations, imaginations, visualizations and simulations. The third step is about questioning. A project is usually done in groups and all team members have to coordinate with each other for completing the tasks.

In this step all the team members make questions regarding their project and research. You will question about the features you are going to include in it to make it different from other games. What will be your targeted audience? In the fifth step you outline your project plan. It will help you in organization of your ideas and thoughts and articulate which ideas will work and which will not. Step number six involves discussion about the planning and how to implement and execute it. In the next step you write down the entire plan in proper format showing where to start, what will be the first step and how to reach smoothly to the final step?

A written project plan usually involves a brief introduction and significance of the project. Resources and time needed to complete the project. Then step by step tasks to do with a proper timeline for each task. It also involves the description about the roles and assignment of each team member. Next step is implementation of the planned project. Before final implementation, you can do testing for checking the feasibility of your planned project. If testing goes successful you implement it and if testing fails you re-plan it to cover gaps and faults. After the successful implementation of your project, you publish it.

Bonus Tips: Clearly define your goals, always list the resources required so that you don’t miss out on anything, every team member should participate in questioning and discussions check and pinpoint the potential issues and risks factors involved. Risk involves unfamiliarity with a specific programming language or software Outline the tasks, subtasks and milestones. A task is an assignment that needs to be done by each person, every individual breaks the assigned task into subtasks, and a milestone is the major event in a project that breaks the project into phases.

The roles and responsibilities of every team member should be clearly defined. The communication between every team member should be strong. It may happen that while implementing the plan you may encounter some flaws or failures, for such situations you should always have plan B and plan C at every step. Set a proper timeline and budget. Time management is another important technique to make project planning successful. For a successful project test, retest and retest for ensuring that your planned project is error-free.

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Role of Tech and Social Media in Life of a Student

Emma Charlotte
Role of Social Media in Life of Student
With the advancement in the field of technology, the world of education has completely transformed. Learning experiences of students have transformed over the years since the internet and smart phones technology came into existence. Educational institutions have recognized the capability of technology and social media to improve the conventional methods of learning. Social media is developing new ways of learning to suit the need of every learner. It provides instant information to the students and solution to their various problems.

Collaborative Learning Platform:
Social media has become a tool to exchange information. This platform can be used by the students to encourage collaborative learning. They can interact with each other share their ideas and new information by using these platforms. Social media has emerged as a faster and easier mode of communication. Students can interact with other fellow students and teachers to discuss class related topics and activities. Students are able to transmit information rapidly to different dissertation help firms via their smart phones. Along with sharing their views and opinions on the social media, they can also use it as a tool to exchange helpful information related to their studies.

Medium To Gain Wider Knowledge:
Social media helps the students to connect with individuals from around the world and broaden their concepts in many areas. It has no boundaries you can use it to collect information from any part of the world. If students are confused about any topic they can gather the relevant information through various online platforms. Before students need to meet the teacher to clear their concepts or they have to spend hours in library to search for the relevant information. But now they can clear their doubts about any kind of subject matter by searching it online.

Provide Guidance in Research:
Social media has proved itself one of the best platforms to extract secondary data for your research work. Students can gather information by conducting survey pools and find out about the views of general public and experts on a particular topic. It can become a tool for researchers to gather and produce beneficial information by working on collaborative assignments and projects.

Improved Teaching Techniques:
Social media technology can also be used by the teacher to improve their teaching methods. If it is difficult for a teacher to address queries of students in classroom then they can use social media to clear any doubts of students regarding any topic or subject. Facebook Live sessions and Twitter discussions can become valuable tools to adhere the problems of students. Social media platforms make it possible to connect with large audience at one go. So teacher should take this as a chance to provide help for their students. Professors can engage their students even when they are travelling or not taking sessions. To avoid cancellation of classes they can stream lectures online and help their students.

Any Time Connectivity:
The issue of connectivity to the global community has been resolved with the arrival of various social media websites. ATC (Any Time Connectivity) has made the communication much faster and easier. In this era you can connect to the national and international community anytime, anywhere. Students can find solution to their queries by posting their questions online and waiting for just few hours.

Students can use the social media tools while working on their assignments and research works. These sites will provide you useful resources to made progress on your work. You can share your knowledge and establish your credibility regarding a particular topic or subject and gain help from other individuals around the world to acquire new information and insights to various fields of study. Social media should be used by education system as an effective tool of communication and acquisition of advanced knowledge. Students are using social media at every stage of their lives.

Its introduction in the field of education can prove to be a very effective measure as many helpful and beneficial tools will emerge that can make learning a more enriching experience. Social media sites can prove themselves as great opportunities for students to connect with teachers and fellow students. Academic entities can use social media to involve students in their learning processes more effectively. Teachers can use this tool to improve the learning abilities of their students. Social media has created many opportunities in the field of education. It has opened new doors for both teachers and students to share their knowledge and ideas and has become a source of improvement in their respective skills.

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