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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

5 Key Points to Remember While Writing PhD Dissertation Proposal

Emma Charlotte
To write a dissertation proposal is the key thing to write a dissertation. A dissertation proposal provides an explanation about the following things;
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A) What is the main concern of your dissertation?

B) What are the probable questions that you are going to examine in your dissertation?

C) What is the probable reference to the theoretical background of the dissertation?

D) Either you are going to use the empirical methods to write a dissertation or the non-empirical methods to write a dissertation.

E) A complete explanation of all the potential outcomes of your dissertation.

All of these things are considered as the essentials of your dissertation. Before going to write a dissertation proposal, you should keep in mind these 5 key points.

1) Choose an area of research

Before going to write a dissertation proposal, you should try to select an area of the subject that is intriguing for you. Sometimes, this area is selected by your supervisor. If your supervisor doesn’t provide any guidelines about the area of the subject, then you are free to select it. After selecting an area of the research, the next step is to find an interesting and attractive topic for your dissertation proposal.

2) Try to select such a topic that is novel regarding the existing research

Before going to select a topic for your dissertation proposal, you should try to take a review of the existing research in your area of the subject. There is no need to select such a topic for the dissertation proposal that is discussed a lot of times in the different research papers. You should try to find such a topic for your dissertation proposal that is novel and intriguing, not only for your supervisor but also for the other audience.

3) Create a list of well defined and open-minded questions

While writing a dissertation proposal, it is also necessary for you to provide a list of all the questions that you are going to discuss in your dissertation. Therefore, before going to write a dissertation proposal, you should also try to make a list of all the questions by keeping in mind the actual question or topic of the dissertation proposal. These questions should be well defined and open-minded for the audience.

4) To write a dissertation proposal, it is necessary for you to get help from the existing literature. While looking for the existing research, you should try to find projects that are educational and they have to incorporate marketable skills. Its reason is that the information gathered from these kinds of projects will be authentic and more reliable for the audience.

5) Try to visualize your finished publication

After finishing the dissertation proposal, you should check that whether your dissertation proposal contains the following things or not;

A) Central hypothesis of the dissertation proposal

B) A description of the motivation of the study

C) A complete detail of the methods that you are going to adopt while writing a dissertation

D) All the possible graphs, tables, results, and findings

These are the most important things to write a dissertation proposal. If you are not able to write a dissertation proposal, then you should try to get help from the dissertation proposal writing services.

Emma Charlotte / Author & Editor

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