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Saturday, 18 November 2017

What is The Process of Proofreading The Coursework?

Emma Charlotte
To proofread the coursework is as necessary for a student as to write a coursework. Its reason is that while making the first draft of the coursework, a student doesn’t take care for the spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, and format mistakes of the coursework because after completing the first draft, these mistakes are removed in the proofreading and editing process of the coursework. Most of the students don’t know the process of proofreading the coursework. Here, we will provide the complete process of proofreading the coursework.
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The proofreading process of a coursework consists of the following seven steps;

1) Use a checklist

The first step to proofread the coursework is to make a list of all the possible problems that you are going to check in your coursework. You should try to make a list all the possible grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, and format mistakes and then try to check these mistakes one by one.

2) Check the facts

As we know that all the arguments provided in the coursework should be supported with the help of valid examples and evidence. Moreover, it is also necessary for you to draw all the possible diagrams, figures, and charts in the coursework. While proofreading, you should make sure that all of these things are presented properly.

3) Check the spelling

There are two ways to remove the spelling mistakes from your coursework. First of all, you can use any spell checker. Secondly, you should not rely on the spell checker only. You should read the text carefully to remove all the mistakes from it.

4) Read Aloud

To clearly understand the sense of sentences, it is necessary for you to read the text aloud. You should try to read it slowly and try to pay full attention to the wording and sense of the sentences.

5) Try to focus on one line at a time

The proofreading and editing process of the coursework demands focus and full attention. Therefore, it is necessary for you to create a distraction-free environment for this process. It is also necessary for you to focus on one line at a time. There is no need to focus on the whole paragraph or whole coursework at a time. Try to avoid multitasking while proofreading and editing.

6) Give attention on the format

To write a coursework in the best structure and format is the most important thing for you. Therefore, while proofreading the coursework, you should try to pay enough attention to the format of the coursework. To write the coursework in the best format, you should try to compare it with the best examples.

7) Proof again

Most of the students think that a single proofreading is enough to remove all the mistakes of the coursework. According to the experts, there is still the possibility of mistakes in your coursework after one proofreading, therefore, it is necessary for you to proofread it again in order to remove all the mistakes.

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Emma Charlotte / Author & Editor

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